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OP06 Booster Box - Wings of the Pirate King [JP]

OP06 Booster Box - Wings of the Pirate King [JP]

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Embark on a thrilling journey with the Japanese Booster Box OP06 - Wings of the Captain, where Zoro and Sanji lead the charge into new horizons.

This set features 24 packs and a total of 144 cards, each ready to bring the iconic tales of One Piece to life.

2 Secret Rare cards

6 Leader cards

10 Super Rare cards

26 Rare cards

30 Uncommon cards

45 Common cards

Inspired by the memorable arcs of Fish-Man Island, Thriller Bark, and Germa 66, this collection brings together a mix of new tactics and fan-favorite characters.

Set sail with the Wings of the Captain and discover the tales of the Grand Line with your favorite One Piece characters!
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